Friday, August 28, 2009


There is really no other way to describe it other than God has totally blessed us. T was able to preach the other day, and he described blessing as something God uses to bring you closer to him. So that could mean something that makes you as happy as can be, but it also could mean that the blessings in your life are things or circumstances you don't enjoy. :) It's just something that brings you closer to him. I can say this adoption journey has been a blessing both good and hard. There have been times that we have been elated, times we have wanted to cry, times we have wanted to pull our hair out, and times that we are so overcome with joy that we just don't understand why God would choose us to parent this precious child. Yes Deacon will be blessed, but OH the joy and blessing he will bring to our family and friends.

Our church family showered us with BLESSING this past weekend. They held a shower in Deacon's honor, and did they ever go above and beyond. We are truly blessed to be apart of this church family. The people were SO gracious and giving! Deacon will be WELL taken care of for a loooong time. We are so thankful to be able to serve and walk along side these people.

Look what word was on the table. :) Not to mention the fabulous treats.
KG and EG getting their share. KG was all about the dessert table.
Friends and family hanging out.
Nana, Sweet SIL Mandy, and Mimi. I was so glad they could all come.
Some of the crowd watching the opening of the gifts.
Jessica and Katie. Jessica was in charge of taking pictures, so glad these two didn't get left out. :)

Enjoying the treats.

Table of gifts and cards.

EG and KG "helping" me out.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Travel Approval

We got THE call!!! Yeah! We are so excited. Our agency called today to let us know we had travel approval. Our travel dates are still not definite just yet. There has been a change this summer on how some paperwork is received. You used to be able to carry it over with you, but now it must be sent from here through the National Visa Center. So we are waiting to make sure they have the necessary paperwork for us to make our appointments in China. So right now we are looking at leaving in 2 1/2 -3 weeks. We are getting very anxious to get over there. There is also a LOT to be done here before we go. :) I also have some pictures to share of a shower our church gave us over the weekend. We are VERY BLESSED!!!