Thursday, October 29, 2009

What we've been up to....

Our October has been VERY busy!! Deacon is doing very well, and is adjusting like a pro! I have been posting most of our stuff on our family blog. If you would like to keep up with Deacon you can go HERE. He is such a joy, and we are so excited he is apart of our family!

Deacon making his way through the maze.
CT, KG, and Deacon. He is loving this!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Firsts

We have been back for a littele over a week now and have been getting settled in, and exploring the world. We have done many "first" things, and are loving having a brother and sister. CT and KG love having Deacon around. They all have a great time together.
First trip to the state fair. LOVED the food.
CT's soccer game was interesting, but this dog was more fun. This was actually CT's second game. When we drove up to the soccer fields Deacon started clapping his hands.
Mommy, Deacon, and CT on the carousel. He wanted nothing of this. I tried to put him on a horse, but he held on tight to me. So I just held him. He did get brave enough to touch the horse before we got off.
First trip to the library.
First time on the gator. Had to drag him off of it.
First family photo with Mommy's side of the family.
First soccer game.
Hey I think I'll be a great soccer player.
First trip to church.

We've also had our first post home study visit, first peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and our first trip to Walmart.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We made it home!!

After leaving Kunming, we headed to Beijing. We had to pick up our luggage there and recheck it for our international flight. That whole process took about 2 hours. We then boarded for the long flight home. This flight was about 12 1/2 hours. We were dreading it a little, but the Lord sooo took care of us. EVERY time we got on a plane we had an extra seat for Deacon. We did not pay for an extra seat, but there was ALWAYS one open. On the long flight home we had 4 seats for the three of us. Deacon did so good on the long flight. He was wired the first few hours, but we got him some milk and he settled down and went to sleep.

We arrived in Chicago at about 4pm. Once we got there we had to go through customs. Deacon because an American Citizen at this point. :) This also took about 2 hours. We had to pick up our luggage again, and then recheck it again. I was so glad this was the last time we had to do this. Then we got to our gate only to find out our flight had been delayed. We ended up getting home about 11:30 pm. It was so fun to get back and see everyone.

Here is part of the crew waiting, and waiting, and waiting.........
KG, CT, and cousins. They made the cutest signs.
YEAH!! We finally made it.
Deacon meeting everyone.
He enjoyed all the fanfare. :)
The kids didn't waste any time playing. There was a little play place that they went straight to.

Day 16-Heading Home

The next morning we got up and headed to the airport. Forever Friend picked us up. :) He gave them a card when they used him before and it said your forever friend, except it was spelled forver friend. :) He was a really nice guy, and he had a brand new van. We had a GREAT time guys! Thanks for letting us come.

Nikki and Deacon riding in the van.
Me, Deacon, and Nikki
Todd, Deacon, and Chris

Day 15

Our last meal in Kunming we headed to a noodle shop across the street from the apartment. It was good, and you could watch the guys frying the noodles.

Matthew holding Deacon's hand. So cute.
Our noodles. VERY filling. We ordered fried rice too. I don't think we ate even half of it.
The men frying up the homemade noodles. You could order them regular or wide. We got wide.
Before dinner we went and picked up Ellie at her school. Her school runs from 7:45am (I think) to 5:40pm. It is a very long day.
Since they are at school so long they eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. This is a picture of the meals.
Here is where they make western toilets for the kids. :) There is a hose to wash it all out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 14- Koppo

This one is for you Melinda. This is the knock off of Kappa. Kappa is a big brand here in China, but they also like the knockoff Koppa. :)
We head out tomorrow morning for the states. We will leave at 8pm on Thursday your time. We will get home Friday 10:30pm. So we will have been traveling over 26 hours by the time we get home. FUN FUN!!
Lee Ann- The picture of the FAB pearl necklace will have to wait until I get home. :) You may need to remind me, but I will post it.

Day 14- more interesting advertising

Or how about these responsible dad's watching their babies while enjoying a beer. Classic.
Or you could also pick up one of these Kine hoodies for your precious little one. :) At least they got the swoosh right.

Day 14- Interesting Advertising

Today we went out on the town, and there was lots of fun advertising. :) This first picture was a restaurant close by to where we ate. We maybe should have eaten there. We ate at a western restaurant. I had nachos and Todd had pizza. It was pretty good.
This second picture cracked us up. They were advertising a beer, and they used nuns to show it's coolness. ha ha!

Day 13- Ready for bed.

Picture 1- Matthew and Olivia playing with Deacon.
Picture 2- Olivia, Deacon, Ellie, and Matthew in their pj's.

Day 13- Just Chillin

1st pic- They gave Deacon a play cell phone, and he is hilarious talking on it. He just talks and talks. When he puts it up to his ear he says, "Way" which means hello in Chinese.
2nd pic- Ellie enjoying her cookie dough snack

Day 13- Traveling and Friends

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Guangzhou and headed to Kunming to see some dear friends. They picked us up from the airport and we headed to lunch. They took us to a Japanese style restaurant where they have the hibache (sp?) grill. We ordered way more than we could eat and it cost us all of 80 yuan. That is equal to about $12. It was yummy!! We were so excited to get to come here on our way home.
1st pic- That is our zuchinni frying. It was yummy. The best dish we got were the fried potatoes.
2nd pic- Chris playing with Deacon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 12- US Consulate Visit

After our shopping spree I had to head back to the hotel so we could go to the US Consulate. We loaded a bus and took a 45 minute ride into town. This could have been much faster, but the traffic here is awful! I do not have pictures of the Consulate b/c they would not let us take cameras or anything electronic in. We went into this big building, where they herded us all into this big room. We had to go up to a window and show our passports and our child to make sure we were who we said we were. After everyone had done that we all stood and took an oath that said we would love and take care of our child. We also picked up Deacon's visa at this point. He is officially allowed to go to the USA!! Once we hit American soil in Chicago, he will become a US Citizen automatically! 

One crazy thing was there was a girl there with her family adopting their second child. She went to OBU with Todd. SMALL WORLD!!

Once we got home from the Consulate we headed to dinner.

Here is a picture of Daddy feeding Deacon with the chopsticks. We opted for Thai food tonight. It was just okay and a little pricey. The best restaurant here is the Italian one. It is run by an Italian, and the food is wonderful! 

2nd picture- This is a picture off the back of our hotel overlooking the river. It was so pretty tonight. It wasn't hot at all, and there was a cool breeze. 

We leave out of here tomorrow morning at 9am. We are headed to see some friends, and then we head back to the states on Friday. We will be home Friday night around 10:30. I'm am not looking forward to the long flight, or the jet lag, but this too shall pass. :) I don't know if we will have internet at our next destination. If not then I will post the rest of our trip when we get home. I'm sure I will be up at all hours of the night for the first few nights. Thanks for following along with us. It has been great to hear from you guys back home. We can't wait to get home and introduce our new little guy to everyone! See you soon!

Day 12- The good stuff.

Once we got through all the dried stuff we headed for the good stuff. The pearl and jade market. If there was 1 pearl or jade vendor, there were 100+ everywhere. We had a lady helping us, and she works with certain people to get us the best price. Of course everyone here tells you they are giving you the best price, and that everything is very good quailty. :) We spent most of our time at the pearl market. You picked out the pearls you wanted, and then they made what you wanted. You had to buy them by the strands. It was a lot of fun. I will have to post a picture of the necklace I got for a FABULOUS price!! 

After that we hit the jade market and a few other shops. There was a turquoise store that I would have loved to go into, but they told me it was all fake. Let's hope the pearls are real. They have promised me they are. 

1st picture- pearl market

2nd picture- My friend Erin deciding on another pair of earrings. :) I just met here on this trip. She is so much fun! We have had a great time getting to know them, and hanging out with them. She adopted a little 5 year old boy named Hudson. He is catching on to english very quickly. Last night he told her "I love you", and "You're so crazy!" of which she is. ha ha!! 

Day 12- Dried Market Cont.

1st picture- Dried fungus.

2nd picture- How about a dried iguana on a stick for your munching enjoyment? :) YUM!

Day 12- Dried Market

1st picture- These are dried sea horses and other ocean life. They put these dried things in soups. They all have different purposes of what they are supposed to do for you.

2nd picture- dried fish stomach. I do not know the purpose or the flavor. ha!

Day 12- Market Shopping

After the pictures I met up with my friend Erin and her crew to go to the markets across the canal. We saw some interesting sites on the way. Hope you enjoy!!

1st picture- Ummmm Not real sure. :) Some things for you to buy. Yes that is a monkey skeleton. Why? I do not know.

2nd picture- a picture of the dried market. There were all kinds of dried things. Hang in there and I will show you. You will not be disappointed. ha! :)

Day 12- Group Pics

1st pic- one more family picture in front of the waterfall that is in the lobby.

2nd pic- This is of our whole Dillon group. The family on the left is the Lentz's. Joy's parents also traveled with them. They have had a great time. Next to them are the Drake's, and then us. We have enjoyed traveling with these families.