Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 15

Our last meal in Kunming we headed to a noodle shop across the street from the apartment. It was good, and you could watch the guys frying the noodles.

Matthew holding Deacon's hand. So cute.
Our noodles. VERY filling. We ordered fried rice too. I don't think we ate even half of it.
The men frying up the homemade noodles. You could order them regular or wide. We got wide.
Before dinner we went and picked up Ellie at her school. Her school runs from 7:45am (I think) to 5:40pm. It is a very long day.
Since they are at school so long they eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. This is a picture of the meals.
Here is where they make western toilets for the kids. :) There is a hose to wash it all out.

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