Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet Surprise!!

When we arrived home yesterday from VBS, we had a message on our answering machine letting us know our agency had sent us some updated information on our little Deacon. This is what we found out. He is now 23 pounds, is 2 ft 4in tall. He has 5 teeth. He can say papa and mama, loves toy cars, and playing outside with other babies. He walks by himself and is now living with a foster family. :) They say he is an outgoing baby who loves to listen to music, and watch TV.

He also had an operation on April 16, 2009 to repair his cleft lip. It looks so good, and we are so excited!! Now to just get over there and get him!

This was taken March of 09 before surgery.
This picture was taken the first of June after his surgery had been done in April. Precious!! I can't wait to get my hands on him.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Beginning......

In August 6th of 2007, T and I decided to officially start the adoption process. We filled out the first of many forms, and then went to our first informational meeting with Dillon International. We started the massive amount of paperwork. We worked and worked on the paper work,home study, finger printing, etc., and finally had our dossier (doss-ee-A) sent to China and logged in on July 29, 2008. Since that time we have been sitting and waiting..........Right now the wait is from 3-5 years. We knew this going in, and were prepared to wait.

April of 09 our agency sends out an email letting us know that they had received several special needs children. Some of them had been matched, but there were two that still needed Forever Families. I was interested, and got on to ask for the password to be able to see them. Seeing that I had programmed myself that we were getting a girl, they were boys. I just kind of blew it off, and the Lord whispered......"Hey, don't rule that out." So I decided that I would pray and think about it. Well, I couldn't quit thinking about it. Two weeks had gone by, I talked to T some more about it, and he was all for us getting more information on Deacon.

May 15th, 2009 We received Deacon's referral! We were so excited. Now we had two weeks to pray and decide if we thought we could take care of him. Of course we wanted him right off, but there were some medical issues we needed to educate ourselves on to see if this was something we thought we could handle financially and emotionally. Of course we can!! After a week and a half of talking to numerous people who have walked this road, we put our faith to work and accepted his referral on May 26th, 2009. After that there was more paperwork to get out and send to China, our letter of request for Deacon.

These are the only pictures, that came with the referral, that we have of him right now. These were taken around 10 months we are assuming. Right now he is almost 18 months. His birthday is in December, right along with his big brother!! :)

June 15th 2009 We received our approval notice stating that we were approved to adopt little Deacon. Now we are waiting for The Letter Seeking Confirmation we will then sign and return this. We are not sure how long this will take. In the past it has taken 90-130 days. After that we will get our travel clearance within 2-8 weeks, and then travel in 2-4 weeks. So you see, we aren't exactly sure when we will travel. I am assuming 3-6 months. Right now we are just praying for our baby boy, filling out more paperwork :),and reading LOTS of adoption material so that we can be best prepared when we bring him home. We hope you will enjoy taking this journey with us. We covet your prayers as we walk this exciting road. :)